The Relentless Pursuit of Passion, Turn Vision Into Reality

Originally posted on THE C-LIST ONLINE:
In 2005, during a Stanford graduation speech, Steve Jobs posed an important question : “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to…

Are You On Drugs Has Been Upgraded!

After weeks and weeks of editing posts and contacting user support, I am happy to announce that my updated blog is live! It can still be found by visiting : However, now… Continue reading

Special Shoutout

This is a special shoutout to my good friend Angela, who left a beautiful response to my latest post, What’s Love Without Passion? Thank you for sharing your perspective! And, yes. She’s one… Continue reading

What’s Love Without Passion?

Many of my friends and family members have recently jumped the broom, tied the knot and surrendered their eternities to some significant somebody. *cough* lucky bastards *cough*. I am genuinely happy for all… Continue reading

Giving Your Number to Strangers Can Be Dangerously Annoying

OMG! Cigarette Breath won’t leave me be! I really thought I was done with him. However, as the dating gods would have it, he continues to torment my life! How is that possible?… Continue reading

Jesus is on Tour With Kanye West

This past weekend I went to a gospel show with my guy friend Fisher. I decided to get fancy for the spiritual celebration. However, I wasn’t doing it for the Lord, (Sorry Jesus.… Continue reading

“I Love That Skin Color On You”

Saturday night I went to a lounge with one of my good friends. We were dancing around and minding our own business, when all of a sudden, I noticed this man staring at… Continue reading

The Difficulties of Dating in Los Angeles

This weekend, I attended a HBCU greek alumni party. I know….mistake #1! Anywho, I was quickly reminded of why dating in Los Angeles is so difficult. Here’s what happened : Girls Dressed Like… Continue reading

Is It Ever Okay To Check Your Lover’s Phone?

My best friend can probably read off a laundry list of times where she’s tried to talk me out of looking through my lover’s phone. Our conversations usually go like this: Me: “Sasha!… Continue reading

I Accidentally Fell In Love With A Homosexual Man

Has anyone ever dated a homosexual man/woman, by accident? Oh, just me? That’s cool. Well, I’m not ashamed to admit that my VERY first boyfriend was gay, or bi-curious as he put it.… Continue reading